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Impact of Brexit Trade Deal on SMEs

How do London’s SMEs feel about the Brexit trade deal? Do they think they will increase or decrease trade with the EU over the next few years? What will the impact of Brexit be on the different areas of their businesses? And how does this compare to the impact of COVID or a possible recession?    

Flexible Workspaces on our High Streets

The ‘Flexible Workspaces on our High Streets’ pamphlet provides guidance for empty high street premises ranging from large public-sector owned assets and shopping centre units to large retail space in the Central Activities Zone and small high street units.

High Streets for All Challenge Playbook

The High Streets for All Challenge is an invitation to local partnerships to bring forward and co-design innovative high street recovery strategies and proposals. Each strategy can address common and local challenges and underpin the public re-imagining of high streets and town centres across London.

Pay It Forward

Pay It Forward was launched in April 2020 and offers small businesses across the city the chance to pre-sell their services during the coronavirus shut down. By connecting them to their local communities, and providing 100% free fundraising, London’s businesses will be able to generate income and manage cashflow while keeping the public safe.

The Evidence Base for London's Local Industrial Strategy–Final report

The final report on the evidence base that is informing and supporting the development of London’s Local Industrial Strategy was published in February 2020. It presents clear, robust and comprehensive evidence on London’s economy with a view to supporting the overall objective of achieving inclusive growth in London.