London cityscape at night


Accessibility Employment Projections for London

SKM's Colin Buchanan was commissioned by GLA Economics in August 2012 to revise the employment growth distribution forecasts previously developed in 2009, which are derived from calculations of transport accessibility. The study involved:

Jobs and Growth Plan for London

Published in April 2013, the LEP's Jobs & Growth Plan identifies a series of aims and recommendations based around the following key priorities:

London's Growing Places Fund Round 2 Prospectus

The Prospectus for Round 2 funding was launched alongside the LEP's Jobs and Growth Plan. The Prospectus sought proposals (with a preference for private sector-led proposals) that would support innovative ways of creating jobs and skills in emerging sectors, support growth in business and investment and increase productivity.

London Labour Market Projections

The report provides a description of London’s labour market as it stands today, together with a broad indication of the possible future path of London’s labour market (and associated qualification requirements) based on a number of simplifying assumptions.  

London Employment Sites Database

The London Employment Sites Database (LESD) is a database that records employment developments in the pipeline and recently completed developments in London.

London Business Demography Project

The aim of this report is to provide a comprehensive statistical analysis of firms and jobs in the Greater London area.

Evaluation of the London Skills and Employment Observatory

This report evaluates the London Skills and Employment Observatory (LSEO). The report has been written by the Social Market Foundation, which was commissioned by the Greater London Authority (GLA) on behal of the LEP, to carry out the evaluation. The aim of this evaluation is twofold: