ESFA Invitation to Tender Launched

24 August 2018

We are pleased to announce the launch of two new ESF Invitations to Tender by the ESFA Co-Financing Organisation. Following confirmation of the ESFA’s extension of their ESF opt-in offer, the London Economic Action Partnership (LEAP) have opted-in with the ESFA to deliver the following specifications in London;

  • NEET (15-24) - Support those at risk of NEET and NEET (note that the London contracts should only target young people NEET and not those at-risk of NEET)
  • Community Grants - Procurement of a managing agent

The specifications have been developed from two of the priorities in the ESF Programme; Investment Priorities 1.2 and 1.4 which respectively relate to the sustainable integration into the labour market of Young People and supporting those with multiple and complex barriers to move closer or into the labour market.

Contracts will commence in April 2019. The procurement has been launched and is now live on the ESFA e-tendering portal, Bravo, with a closing date of 17th September for the NEET ITT and 19th September for the Community Grants ITT.

Each specification contains generic requirements, such as eligibility, target groups, funding rates and deliverables. EPMU has worked with the ESFA to ensure that London specific background information and priorities are reflected in the specifications (from page 68 in the NEET spec and from page 77 in the Community Grants spec). Each specification contains 4 “lots” or contract opportunities for London, one for each of the four Borough Sub-Regional Partnership areas.

In addition, the London specific priorities and targeting in the specifications have been designed to complement and avoid duplication with future GLA CFO procurement. A range of projects adults and for young people Not in Education, Employment or Training (NEET) or ‘at-risk’ of NEET will be procured later this year by GLA CFO, details of the planned NEET programmes can be found within the ESFA NEET specification.

Organisations not already registered, must register at in order to respond to this procurement opportunity. All queries in relation to the procurement process must be logged via the Bravo portal, the final deadline for bidders to submit questions is 4th September; the LEAP will not be able to answer any questions relating to the procurement.