LEAP-funded programme launches to support medical diagnostics companies in London

03 June 2021

The ‘Collaborate to Innovate: London Diagnostics’ programme, which is powered by MedCity and funded by the London Economic Action Partnership (LEAP), aims to catalyse new collaborations between commercial partners (SMEs) and potential partners such as academic research groups, large companies, medical research charities and health service partners.


The programme will:

• provide grant funding to London-based SMEs, to support facilitated collaborative projects tapping into the expertise and capabilities of a range of partner organisations. Up to 10 SMEs in the scheme will receive grant funding up to a value of £100,000, including LEAP funding and match funding.

• run two partnering events to catalyse additional collaborative partnerships between innovative diagnostics SMEs and diagnostic innovators, and partners.


The objectives of this project are to:

• build upon London’s strength and competitive advantage in diagnostics and support collaboration between diagnostic SMEs and partner organisations;

• catalyse collaboration and promote the transfer of knowledge and expertise across the life sciences ecosystem, with the aim of accelerating the commercialisation of innovations resulting from the partnerships;

• boost London’s economic resilience by supporting the future growth of a key life sciences sub-sector, and contributing to the national agenda to develop a resilient diagnostics sector; and

• improve health outcomes for Londoners by supporting diagnostic innovation and improvement.


Programme scope

The programme will be open to SMEs developing a range of diagnostics technologies. The scope has evolved to include other disease areas including cancer and cardiovascular, in addition to infectious and respiratory diseases; with a focus on the impact and utility of – and clinical need for – the diagnostic.

How it works.
The year long programme offers collaborative opportunities and frant funded support for upto 10 London based SMEs with a valid diagnostic innovation. Each SME is introduced to world-leading partners for matchmaking with: academics; clinical researchers; major diagnostics companies;medical research charities; and evidence generation authorities.Through this matchmaking process the SME forms and objective driven research project, tapping into cross-sector industry knowledge that is otherwise difficult to access.

Further information and details on how to apply can be found here.