LEAP Roundtable on Supporting Black Women Entrepreneurs in London

06 September 2018

The LEAP hosted a roundtable at City Hall on 5th September, on supporting black women entrepreneurs in London. Chaired by LEAP board member, Natalie Campbell, the roundtable was held to get recommendations from black women entrepreneurs on how the Mayor, LEAP and other business support providers can ensure that our business support programmes cater to the needs of BAME female founders.

Discussion included lack of representation on boards and in senior positions, levels of venture capital funding and the protocol followed by funding decision makers.

Recommendations from the roundtable will be fed into our upcoming and current programmes and the roundtable attendees will meet again in 6 month to discuss progress.

This was the first of a series of roundtables that the LEAP will be holding over the next few months. Future roundtables will be held with entrepreneurs of the LGBT and disabled communities and Asian female founders. More information regarding these roundtables will be shared soon.