LEP governance review

27 January 2015

Last year, Shared Intelligence (Si) was commissioned by the Greater London Authority (GLA) to carry out a governance review of the LEP. In carrying out this work Si interviewed the vast majority of LEP members and a number of stakeholders. Their emerging findings and recommendations were tested in three stakeholder sessions and with an advisory group comprising three LEP members, two representatives of London Councils and two senior GLA officials. Following discussion with the LEP on 14 January 2015, the following recommendations were agreed:

  • The LEP’s role should be to set the strategic direction for economic growth in London, combined with a complementary set of activities relating to convening the groups with an input to that task, challenging and monitoring the action taken to enable growth in the capital;
  • The role of other bodies, such as the London Business Advisory Committee, should be reviewed to ensure that they support and complement the LEP’s role;
  •  A number of steps should be taken to improve the organisation of the LEP and its meetings;
  • London Councils and the GLA should encourage and enable the establishment of a comprehensive set of sub-regional arrangements, including a mechanism for closer collaboration between business and local government at that level;
  • The size of the LEP should be reduced; and
  • Further thought should be given to the representation of business and London Boroughs on the LEP, including:
    • Maintaining the pan-London perspective that is provided by the current London Councils and business members;
    • Whether and how closer links should be established with the sub-regions.

Implementation of the above recommendations will now be taken forward with a full update to the next meeting of the LEP on 4 March 2015.