Mayor launches Pay It Forward London initiative

20 April 2020

The Mayor of London and LEAP chair Sadiq Khan has announced the Pay It Forward London today which is funded by LEAP and part of the London Growth Hub' s support offer.

On there is a crowdfunding platform which offers small businesses across the city the chance to pre-sale their services during the coronavirus shut down. By connecting them to their local communities and providing 100% free fundrasing, London's businesses will be able generate income and manage cashflow while keeping the public safe.

It takes moments to sign up and start a fundraising campaign, allowing the public to pledge funds in exchange for future rewards when this is all over - from haircuts in Harrow, to pints in Peckham and curries in Clapham. Members of the public can also 'nominate' their local businesses and encourage them to sign up.

Over 700 businesses across the country that have collectively raised over £1.5million already with the help of over 32,000 supporters who have paid it forward. This Works.

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