ScaleUp institute 2017 Business Survey

11 August 2017

With the right help and a successful idea, small businesses have the potential to provide 150,000 jobs by 2034 across the UK, £225 billion revenue towards the UK GDP from 2015 to 2034 and significantly increase production in different areas of the economy. In order to better understand how small businesses can be supported to unlock this potential, the ScaleUp Institute want to hear from businesses across the country as part of their latest survey.

The “ScaleUp Survey” is part of the ScaleUp Institute's ongoing work to focus attention on the UK’s high growth firms so they can ensure that the UK is the best place in the world for companies to both start up and scale-up. We are keen to make the voice of London’s businesses heard so we are encouraging businesses that are already scaling-up or just starting up to complete the survey. By taking part in the survey you will ensure that your business is able to achieve its best by providing information on how LEAP and other partners can improve services provided to you.

We really hope that you can find the 15 minutes to complete this. If you can’t do it today - please ensure that you complete the survey by the 1st of September 2017