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Leading Economic Growth and Job Creation in the Capital

The London Economic Action Partnership (LEAP) is the local enterprise partnership for London. The LEAP brings entrepreneurs and business together with the Mayoralty and London Councils to identify strategic actions to support and lead economic growth and job creation in the capital.

Here you will find details on the operation of LEAP and its Board.

How LEAP operates

LEAP is a non-incorporated consultative and advisory body established by the Mayor under sections 30 and 34 of the Greater London Authority Act 1999. As a Mayoral appointed body with no separate independent or corporate legal status, LEAP operates through the GLA which acts as LEAP's “accountable body” when funding arrangements are entered into with the Government or European Commission.

The Mayor of London has a responsibility to publish an Economic Development Strategy. Therefore, unlike other local enterprise partnerships, London does not have a Strategic Economic Plan.  More about London's Economic Development Strategy can be found on the Greater London Authority's website and LEAP will work closely with the Mayor as the Economic Development Strategy is reviewed and updated.



The LEAP Constitution includes details of the Board's responsibilities, decision making processes and Terms of Reference.


Assurance Framework

In December 2014, HM Government requested that all local enterprise partnerships develop an 'Assurance Framework' to provide assurance that they have in place the necessary systems and processes to manage delegated funding from HM Government budgets effectively. As such, please see the LEAP Assurance Framework for details on our governance, decision making processes and how we ensure value for money. 


Commitment to diversity

London's diversity is its biggest asset and the Mayor of London strives to reflect London's diversity in all Board appointments to LEAP.

For more information on LEAP’s commitment to diversity, including how we look to ensure diverse representation at Board and sub group level which is reflective of our local business community, please see our Diversity Statement.


Annual Report and Annual Accounts

LEAP has committed to meeting the standards set out in the National Assurance Framework for local enterprise partnerships. In line with revised standards issued to LEPs, we have made a new commitment to publish details of the spending allocations and commitments made from HM Government funding sources for 2016-17 with a view to publishing a full annual report from 2017-18.

You can find details of our 2016-17 allocations and commitments here.


Project Development, Appraisal and Prioritisation

In line with Government's guidance for LEPs, LEAP growth funds are usually allocated via a prospectus and opening bidding rounds.  Each prospectus will include details of how projects should be presented when bidding and include details of how successful bids will have been appraised and prioritised. 


Staff Remuneration

LEAP is not a legal entity and all its staff are employed by the Greater London Authority; LEAP's accountable body. Details of senior staff remuneration within the GLA can be found on its website.


Transparent Decision Making

We publish all agendas, reports and minutes of LEAP Board and Committee meetings except in those cases where information is considered to be exempt from disclosure under the Freedom of Information Act.  Agendas and reports are published five clear working days* before each meeting and minutes are published ten clear working days after the meeting.

Parliament has put in place specific accountability arrangements for the Greater London Authority, LEAP's accountable body, namely; the Mayor is answerable to the London Assembly through Mayor’s Question Time only after he has taken decisions.  Therefore Board and Committee meetings are not open to the public. 

*a 'clear working day' is a day that is not: the day the meeting is held, the day of publication, Saturday, Sunday, a public holiday or bank holiday.


Freedom of Information Requests

Click here to find our Freedom of Information and Environment Information requests policy.


Complaints and Comments

All staff at the LEAP are employed by its Accountable Body, the Greater London Authority.  All Board Members are appointed by the Mayor of London.  We hope you have no reason to make a complaint about the LEAP, but if you do, please follow the steps set out on the GLA's website, making it clear the complaint in question is regarding the LEAP so that it can be handled appropriately.

Whistleblowing Policy

All staff at the LEAP are employed by its Accountable Body, the Greater London Authority.  All Board Members are appointed by the Mayor of London.  The Greater London Authority has set out guidance on how staff and Board Members can raise concerns about malpractice in the workplace where they believe the public interest is not being served.  Although primarily for staff, the GLA's Whistleblowing Policy and associated guidance also explains how others can raise concerns with us about our work.  When in correspondance, please make reference to the LEAP, if that is where your concern lies, so that it can be handled appropriately.


In October 2010, the Government invited the Mayor, London boroughs and business leaders to consider the case for whether and how local enterprise partnerships could be formed in London. In response, the Mayor, with London Councils, decided that there was a strong case for a single pan-London partnership to complement existing working arrangements between London business, the Mayor and the boroughs.

On 16 December 2010, the Mayor and London Councils submitted their proposal to Government for a local enterprise partnership for London with the support of leading business organisations. The proposal was for a partnership covering all of Greater London, reflecting the city-region scale and interconnected nature of London’s economy. The proposal described how the partnership would contribute to the delivery of the Mayor’s Economic Development Strategy and be supported by strong local partnership arrangements, stretching outside London as appropriate. On 17 February 2011, the Government announced approval of the proposal and in February 2012 the Mayor of London formally established the London LEP.  In December 2016, following his election, Mayor of London Sadiq Khan launched the reformed London Enterprise Action Partnership (LEAP).