Adult employment programmes

Adult employment programmes have been commissioned by a range of organisations in London. Below are summaries of the activities of the different CFOs and direct bids.

National Lottery Community Fund

The National Lottery Community Fund is co-financing a range of adult employment programmes in London. More information about their programme, Building Better Opportunities, including details of individual projects, can be found here.

Department for Work and Pensions

DWP has commissioned two adult employment programmes across London, which will run until December 2021. These are:

  • employment support targeting Older People 50+
  • employment support for Troubled Families 

More information about the DWP’s CFO programme can be found here, including a list of prime providers.

Her Majesty's Prison and Probation Service

HMPPS utilises ESF to deliver services to offenders in custody and the community across the whole of England.

Shaw Trust is the prime contractor for HMPPS’ London ESF contract, worth £11.6m. The project provides specialist support, skills and training to individuals in prisons and in the community.

More information about the HMPPS CFO, including provider contact details, can be found here.

Education and Skills Funding Agency

ESFA has commissioned a £6m 'Community Grants'  programme, which will provide small grants to community organisations to support people with multiple and complex barriers to participation to move closer to or into the labour market. It is delivered by three providers in the four sub-regions:

Paddington Development Trust: Central and West London

Groundwork: North& East London

London Learning Consortium: South London

Greater London Authority CFO

The GLA CFO funds a range of adult employment programmes. Details, including information about bidding for future projects, can be found here.

Sub-regional borough CFOs

The four sub-regional CFOs are funding provision under the Work and Health Programme. more information is available on the following websites:

Central London Forward

Local London

South London Partnership

West London Alliance

Direct Award Projects

  • Working Capital seeks to support ESA claimants into work. The project is managed by the City of London and delivered by APM across Central London boroughs. 
  • Love London Working is a partnership of 13 Social Housing Providers based in London, led by Clarion Futures Community Foundation, supporting unemployed and economically inactive Londoners into employment. 
  • Unlocking London's Opportunities delivers employment support across the Growth Boroughs to support individuals into sustained work. This programme is led by London Borough of Hackney.
  • London Councils ESF programme runs adult employment programmes under a number of strands of activity.