ESIF Funding Map

For 2014-2020 London is part of England’s ERDF and ESF programmes, and has been allocated approximately €746m of EU funding to invest into a wide range of projects to support social and economic cohesion over the next six years. These funds are matched by Government, local councils, businesses and charities. This includes:

  • European Social Fund activities which will support at least 47,000 Londoners into employment and job search activity, help a further 46,000 in work to gain new skills, support 37,000 young people into employment, education or training and provide 21,000 people with basic skills like numeracy and literacy.
  • European Regional Development Fund support which will create 2,200 jobs and assist over 9,000 new and existing small businesses. It will also aim at getting 575 enterprises working with research institutes and reducing greenhouse gases by 36,700 tonnes.

Please note that:

- Most ESF activity is currently being procured;

- ERDF and some ESF activity is subject to  further project appraisal, contract negotiation and funding agreement signature; lists of approved contracts can be find in the ERDF and ESF sections;

- The figures quoted on the map include match funding; and

- Matchfunding provided by DWP and the Skills Funding Agency will support related, but not identical activity.

Summaries of activity funded under the ESF programme are available here.