Local Economies

The LEAP brings entrepreneurs and business together with the Mayoralty and London Councils to identify strategic actions to support and lead economic growth and job creation in the capital.


Our key priorities:

London is a city of many unique places. It is loved for its open space and diverse high streets, and its built heritage and great contemporary architecture. However growth is putting pressure on these places. We urgently need to deliver more affordable housing, and we are facing increasing demand on employment space and infrastructure, from the transport network and utilities, to civic infrastructure and public realm.

Good growth should enable an inclusive city, with pleasant and healthy places to work and live in. Change should benefit all Londoners and their everyday experience of the city. It should deliver a balanced mix of commercial, cultural, recreational and green space, that is of high quality and accessible to all.

It should enrich the city’s great public and civic spaces both internal and external. This could include more usable, accessible, resilient and attractive public realm, bringing empty spaces back to life or providing infrastructure that works in a variety of ways. The latter will support higher densities and more sustainable forms of development. It should also allow for vitality and change, building on the ‘London-ness’ that is a crucial part of the city’s character and enduring appeal.

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