Skills for Londoners Capital Fund

The Further Education Capital Investment Fund provides capital funding for investment in further education in London. Further education means education after secondary school but separate from the ‘higher education’ offered at universities. The £120m Further Education Capital Investment Fund was made up of £55m in 2015/16 and £65m for 2016/17 from the first Growth Deal from Government. This money was committed and delivered through 2 rounds. Since the change in Mayoral administration this fund was renamed to Skills for Londoners Capital Fund and any underspend from the Further Education Capital Investment Fund has been put in the Skills for Londoners Capital Fund pot.

In 2017 the Skills for Londoners Capital Investment Fund was launched with over£110m of LEAP funding for investment into estate and equipment for London's skills providers over four years.

This aim of this fund is to:

RESPOND to current and future skills requirements of employers and learners, improve quality of provision and learner satisfaction, progression and success rates

SUPPORT increased levels of apprenticeship delivery and/or progression to the highest levels of vocational and technical study

ESTABLISH strong and innovative partnership with employers and local stakeholders

£25.7m has been awarded for the first round of Skills for Londoners Capital Fund. The second round was launched in August 2018.

London South East Colleges - Industry standard training facilities

London South East College's Hospitality, Food and Enterprise Career College received £2.5m from the LEAP and the Mayor and partnered with the College Careers Trust to refurbish part of the Bromley campus, creating additional teaching kitchens, training food retail outlets and ancillary accommodation.

Opening in April 2017, London South East College provides industry standard hospitality and catering training facilities, including a cafe (BR6 Bakehouse), training shop and pastry and bakery kitchen. Additionally, it has a strong partnership with the College Career Trust to support the curriculum, employability, career and work place opportunities for students.

The college responds to employer and sector identified skill shortages by supporting the development of highly skilled professional apprentices and graduates with the ability, competencies and aptitude to make a significant contribution to the hospitality sector