European Social Fund - Proposed Opt In Organisation Provision

What ESF programmes are being developed and what groups will be targeted?

The London ESF programme has been split into 3 broad areas; provision for young people with a specific focus on 15-24 year olds not in education, employment or training (NEET), adult employment provision and adult skills provision.

The majority of ESF provision in London is being delivered through the three national Co-Financing Organisations (CFOs) (Big Lottery Fund, the Skills Funding Agency, and the Department for Work & Pensions) who award funding through an open and competitive process. The LEAP and local partners have worked with the CFOs to develop a substantial package of provision, responsive to local need, which will be delivered across London:

The London ESF Youth Programme consists of the following strands; Preventative NEET, NEET Outreach, Targeted NEET Interventions, Careers Guidance, Careers Clusters, Youth Talent, Young BAME People, Gangs Prevention and Intermediate Labour Markets.

The Adult Employment programmes include; Employment Support for Families, Employment Support for People with Health Conditions and Disabilities, Employment Support for Older People, Employment Support for Carers and Employment Support for BAME Women.

The Adult Skills programmes include; Pre-employment and entry level skills, and in-work progression for low skilled unemployed people (sectoral approach) and In-work progression for low skilled, low paid employed Londoners.

In addition, an open Call for Proposals was launched in March 2015 seeking large strategic projects to complement the CFO provision. A total of seven projects totalling just over £50m ESF were successful in their applications for funding and will provide a range of interventions to support unemployed and economically inactive individuals across London.

Further details of all programmes funded under the first wave of the London ESF programme can be found in the attached annex of proposed CFO provision for the ESF Call.