Skills Devolution for London: A Proposal to Government

06 November 2015

This summer the Chancellor asked areas across the UK to put forward proposals to further develop devolution deals with government, to allow regions to take control of how public money is spent in their local area.

In response, the Greater London Authority and London Councils made a joint submission to Government, which included detailed proposals on the devolution of skills funding, based on work undertaken by the LEP's Skills & Employment Working Group.

The proposals argue that to maintain and improve London’s position as a world leading city, we need appropriate levels of funding, drawn from both the public and private sector, and provision to meet economic demand and the necessary powers locally to deliver reform. This is to ensure that Londoners have access to a first-class education system which provides a clear line of sight to employment and that London’s employers have access to a suitable and sustainable pipeline of skilled, productive labour. We aim to ensure that:  

  • Learners have the information they need to make informed choices about their learning, and have access to coherent skills development pathways that enable them to enter and progress in work;
  • Employers are able to articulate their needs, and have access to outcomes data that shows that providers are responding to those needs, so that they are incentivised to invest in the skills system;
  • Providers understand what the labour market needs, and are incentivised and supported to innovate and respond to those needs; and
  • London government has oversight of the skills system and is able to hold providers to account for delivering outcomes for London’s learners and businesses, while driving efficiencies by aligning and pooling budgets and services.