Skills Inquiry

19 October 2015

In its 2014 Growth Deal, the London Enterprise Panel (LEP) proposed to Government that as part of developing a long term vision for skills devolution to the capital, the LEP would undertake a Skills Inquiry for London. As the voice of business in the capital the LEP has consulted stakeholders including business intermediaries to understand their views about how the skills system in London should evolve. We offer these findings to the GLA to consider as part of their skills and devolution proposition.  

To date the Skills Inquiry has comprised a series of stakeholder consultation activities to seek the views of a wide range of key players in London skills system, including skills providers, local authority representatives, employers, employer bodies, GLA officers, policy officials and LEP members. 

This paper sets out the key findings of the work undertaken to date and presents these for the LEP’s Skills and Employment Working Group (SEWG) to consider as part of the Panel’s contribution to proposals from the Mayor and the boroughs to Government on Skills Devolution for the capital.

This outcomes of this work will support the forthcoming Area Based Review process.